An as yet unidentified woman was struck down and killed by a driver fleeing an accident scene at 23rd and Jackson Street in South Philadelphia, this according to NBCPhiladelphia.com.

Authorities say the driver of a white SUV fled an accident they were involved in and in so doing, hit several cars as well as a 46 year old woman. It is unknown at this time if she was in a car or on foot as a pedestrian. NBC10, however, is reporting that the woman was waiting for a bus at a bus stop.

The accident occurred at approximately 4:30 PM on Saturday.

The condition and the name of the driver at fault is not known at this time.

We will have more information on this accident as it becomes available.

This is an update. Investigators are now telling 6ABC.com that the driver may have not been fleeing from an accident. Instead the driver is now thought to have had a medical emergency. It is also reported that the driver was going over 70 miles an hour when he plowed into the line of cars.