30 Years of Winning Results for Our Clients

Our Experienced Lawyers Handle All Aspects of Your Case, and Work Hard to Keep the Process as Stress Free as Possible for You.

30 Years of Winning Results for Our Clients

Our Experienced Lawyers Handle All Aspects of Your Case, and Work Hard to Keep the Process as Stress Free as Possible for You.

Philadelphia Construction Accident Injury Lawyer

Working at a construction site involves facing many different dangers, but when an accident occurs because of someone else’s negligence, it can’t just be dismissed as a simple occupational risk. When someone else is at fault, an injured person may be entitled to compensation, and there are several legal options for construction workers to get compensated.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a construction site accident, and you believe someone should be held responsible for it, don’t hesitate to talk to us at the Brod Law Firm. Our personal injury lawyers are knowledgeable and skilled in the various laws protecting injured victims. But more than our competence, it is our commitment to each client that helps them win what they deserve and lets them get back on track after their accidents.

Consult with the Brod Law Firm for free about your construction injury.

Examples Of Construction Site Accidents

It is common for mishaps to occur at construction sites. Certain construction accidents, however, lead to serious and life-altering injuries, and tragically, some result in a person’s death. Often, these accidents turn out to be preventable if not for the negligence of a certain party. These are the kind of accidents that may constitute a legal claim. Here are some examples:

  • Scaffolding or bridge collapse
  • Crane accidents
  • Electrocution
  • Chemical accidents
  • Fires and explosions
  • Cutting accidents
  • Fork lift accidents
  • Equipment and tools accidents (ladders, nail guns, saws, power tools, etc.)
  • Construction vehicle accidents (cement mixers, dump trucks, etc.)

Philadelphia Deck Collapse / Defective Railing Accident Attorney

Legal Options For Construction Accident Claims

In seeking compensation for your construction site accident, you may make a claim based on several laws and legal concepts.

One, you may file a worker’s compensation claim. Under Pennsylvania law, your employer is required to have worker’s compensation insurance for all its employees. This benefit covers the medical expenses and lost wages you have incurred due to your work-related injury, whether or not it was someone’s fault. Families who lost a loved one to a work-related death may also claim death benefits.

However, injured persons who seek worker’s compensation benefits lose their right to sue their employer even if they believe they should receive additional damages.

Outside of worker’s compensation, another possible option is to pursue a case against a negligent party. In this case, you will need to prove that the injurious accident was a result of someone else’s negligence.

For instance, you may make a claim under the concept of premises liability. This legal concept means the property owner or manager has a duty to keep you reasonably safe on their property, and when they fail that duty, they may be held liable. Or, you may pursue a product liability case – for example, if a defective equipment led to your injury, the fault may be traced back to the equipment manufacturer.

To determine which legal course of action is best for you, it is important to consult with an injury attorney. At the Brod Law Firm, we can help you get to the bottom of your case, knowledgeably determine your best next steps, and skillfully represent you whether you are making an insurance claim or filing a lawsuit.

Keep in mind that Pennsylvania has a statute of limitations for injury cases – this law sets a time period or deadline within which you may file your case. As soon as you discover your injury, talk to a lawyer about your accident.

Why Choose The Brod Law Firm?

Many law firms offer legal services for injury cases, but the Brod Law Firm stands out with our combination of competence and compassion. With us, you get not only high-quality legal services that can help you obtain your rightful compensation, but also the considerate treatment of a lawyer who truly cares for each client.

We are 100 percent committed to injured persons and never work for companies. We use our in-depth knowledge, skills, and experience to fearlessly stand up to employers and insurance firms in order to get our clients fully compensated.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Numerous clients throughout Pennsylvania have expressed their gratitude for our service, and the legal community has repeatedly recognized our firm’s excellence.

The Brod Law Firm has several offices conveniently located throughout the Philadelphia area. But we understand the situation you may be going through, so we’ll make it even easier for you. We can come to your location as needed, whether at your home or at the hospital – for no extra charge at all.

On top of that, we charge absolutely no lawyer fee unless and until we win your case. You can trust that with the Brod Law Firm, you won’t be wasting any money as you’ll get the best legal service for your construction injury case.

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