30 Years of Winning Results for Our Clients

Our Experienced Lawyers Handle All Aspects of Your Case, and Work Hard to Keep the Process as Stress Free as Possible for You.

30 Years of Winning Results for Our Clients

Our Experienced Lawyers Handle All Aspects of Your Case, and Work Hard to Keep the Process as Stress Free as Possible for You.

Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyer

Every single day, police officers across the country put their lives on the line to enforce the law. As citizens, we look up to these authorities and depend on them to act appropriately and do what’s right and fair for the general benefit of society. After all, they’ve taken an oath to protect and serve us.

Unfortunately, not all police officers merit the trust placed in them. Some officials break both their oaths and the law, and use unnecessary force that leads to the violation of rights, serious injury, and even wrongful death. Police brutality lawsuits involve police officers who abuse the power bestowed on them and who violate an individual’s rights as outlined in the constitution.

If you have reason to believe that you or a loved one may be a victim of police brutality, consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. A legal professional or attorney can help you understand the civil rights that you should be free to exercise in Pennsylvania and to help you seek compensation for damages and losses resulting from police misconduct.

Police Brutality in the United States

Each year, more than 6,600 law enforcement officials throughout the country are involved in reported allegations of misconduct, including over 1,500 cases involving excessive force. Some sources state that as many as 380 instances of police misconduct result in fatalities.

Data from the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project shows that compared to the average person, police officers are more likely to commit crimes such as murder, assault, and sexual assault. The data also suggests that roughly 1 in every 4.7 law enforcement officials will be involved in an act of misconduct at some point in their career.

Examples of Police Brutality

Police brutality or misconduct can refer to either a wrongful action or a failure to act, and can take numerous shapes and forms. Though police officers are given great power to carry out their duties, there are boundaries to what they can legally get away with.

The term “police brutality” may conjure up images of vicious and even fatal encounters. Sometimes, however, more minor infractions may also be classified as police misconduct. Some of the more common claims brought against police officers include:

  • False arrest
  • False imprisonment
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Tampering with or falsifying evidence
  • Use of excessive or unreasonable force
  • Unjustified shootings
  • Improper use of tasers, guns, and other weapons
  • Unnecessary, degrading strip searches
  • Sexual harassment or assault
  • Racial profiling
  • Any other abuse of power

Contact the Lawyers at The Brod Law Firm

A uniform and a badge does not give police officers the right to abuse their power. If you are a victim of police brutality, it is essential that you develop a substantive case with enough evidence to support your claims.

Our attorneys at The Brod Law Firm can discuss your legal rights with you and help you determine if you have a case. Contact our Philadelphia lawyers today for a free consultation.

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