30 Years of Winning Results for Our Clients

Our Experienced Lawyers Handle All Aspects of Your Case, and Work Hard to Keep the Process as Stress Free as Possible for You.

30 Years of Winning Results for Our Clients

Our Experienced Lawyers Handle All Aspects of Your Case, and Work Hard to Keep the Process as Stress Free as Possible for You.

Pennsylvania Burn Injury Lawyer

Have you or someone in your family suffered from a burn injury? If it was a serious burn, you likely had to go to the hospital and spend a considerable amount of money for medical treatment. You may even be saddled with rehabilitation, continuing medication, and missed days at work. Perhaps you are wondering if you could get compensated for the various ways you’ve suffered.

You may indeed be entitled to compensation if your burn injury was a result of someone else’s negligence. But this is not always obvious. Often, it takes diligent investigation to trace a burn accident back to the carelessness of another party. It also takes sharp legal skills to successfully claim your compensation from the party at fault.

To learn more about your rights to compensation as a burn injury victim, contact us The Brod Law Firm. We have been trusted in Pennsylvania for over 30 years now, as we have successfully handled hundreds of injury cases. Call 1-888-HELPWIN (888-435-7946) today for a free consultation.

Burns Aren’t Always From Fires

While fires and flames are obvious sources of burn injuries, you could also obtain a burn from other objects. There are actually several types of burns, depending on their source.

Thermal burns are the most common. This happens when your skin touches a hot object. Fire is of course a top example, but hot objects also include scalding liquids, heated irons and stoves, and the like.

Another common type of burn occurs when your skin comes in contact with an electric current. Electrical burns can leave marks on the skin, which may be relieved with home remedies. However, you may need additional medical attention if the electric current affected your internal organs or tissues.

Chemical burns are another type of burn injury. This occurs when your skin, eyes, or other body parts are exposed to harsh substances like ammonia, battery acid, bleach, chlorine, and other acids.

A less-common type of burn injury is a radiation burn. This can happen to people who are exposed to high amounts of radiation, such as during medical therapy. High-energy radiation tends to damage skin cells, causing the skin to develop sores or ulcers.

You may also be familiar with the more simple types of burns such as friction burn and sunburn.

Many burn cases are treatable with first-aid remedies, but if you believe that your burn injury has caused more serious effects on your body, do not hesitate to seek medical care right away. Regardless of what caused the burn, it can develop into severe health problems if it is not properly treated. In fact, some burn injuries look like minor skin burns but are actually second- or third-degree burns that can lead to infections and internal organ damage.

Could Someone Else Be Liable For Your Burn Injury?

Very often, burns are not really a product your own carelessness but a result of the negligence of others. But it is not always as obvious as someone recklessly starting a fire. “Negligence” is quite broad – it means failing to apply a reasonable level of care. Here are some examples of negligent conduct that lead to burn accidents:

  • A driver causing a car crash or other motor vehicle wreck
  • A manufacturer producing defective products that trigger fires or electric burns
  • A daycare worker failing to supervise a child
  • A laboratory employee mishandling or mislabeling hazardous materials
  • A restaurant serving boiling beverages without warning
  • A construction site or industrial plant employer allowing laborers to work without sufficient safety gear
  • A building owner failing to provide fire prevention plans
  • A building or office owner failing to comply with the Pennsylvania building code
  • A building manager failing to inspect and maintain electrical systems
  • A fireworks show organizer lacking safety precautions
  • A doctor overexposing a patient to radiation.

As you can see, the responsible party in a burn accident may be an individual or a company. Get the help of an injury lawyer to identify all potential liable parties in your accident in order to establish a solid claim against them. Note that you may be facing a company with extensive legal resources to undermine or deny claims, so choose an attorney who can fearlessly fight for you against a powerful opponent.

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