30 Years of Winning Results for Our Clients

Our Experienced Lawyers Handle All Aspects of Your Case, and Work Hard to Keep the Process as Stress Free as Possible for You.

30 Years of Winning Results for Our Clients

Our Experienced Lawyers Handle All Aspects of Your Case, and Work Hard to Keep the Process as Stress Free as Possible for You.

Top Rated Philadelphia Knee Injury Lawyers

If you have an injured knee, you know it’s not just a simple, isolated injury. As the largest joint in the human body, the knee is vital in many of our day-to-day actions such as walking and sitting. When an injury makes it difficult to perform such basic actions, it can have an undesirable impact on your work and personal life, and you may have to spend a significant amount on medical treatments.

It’s important for you to know that you may be compensated for your suffering if your knee injury was due to someone else’s negligence. If you were injured in Pennsylvania and you want to ensure that you get the payment you deserve, let the compassionate team at The Brod Law Firm help you.

Torn Meniscus: A Common And Costly Knee Injury

A meniscal tear is one of the most common injuries to the knee. It affects the meniscus, a C-shaped cartilage that acts as a cushion around knee bones and helps balance out the weight carried by these bones. Each human knee has two menisci (plural of meniscus), and either or both of these can be torn when the knee is forcefully twisted, bent, rotated, or weighed down. If that has happened to your knee and you heard a popping sound, your meniscus may likely be torn.

Depending on how severe it is, a meniscal tear may cause pain and swelling around the knee area, as well as locking, wobbling, or giving out at the knees. A minor tear may produce these symptoms for a few weeks, but in more severe cases, the painful symptoms may recur for several years.

Some cases of this injury can be treated with just rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory medicines, but there are also plenty of cases where the torn meniscus requires surgery. In general, there are three types of surgical treatment for a meniscal tear:

  • Arthroscopic surgery – sewing the torn cartilage tissue back together
  • Partial meniscectomy – removing the damaged parts of the tissue
  • Total meniscectomy – removing the entire tissue and replacing it with prosthetics.

If your doctor has recommended a surgical procedure to treat your torn meniscus, you’ll have to prepare for substantial expenses, not just for the surgery itself but also for therapy or rehabilitation.

Other Common Knee Injuries

Aside from meniscal tears, these are some injuries that frequently affect the knees and have an impact on the injured person’s life:

  • Fractures
  • Bone dislocation
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury – The anterior cruciate ligament is one of the tissues that act as a strong rope holding knee bones together and control the back-and-forth actions of the knee. Located towards the front of the knee, this ligament can be sprained, stretched, or torn.
  • Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injury – While the ACL is at the front of the knee, the PCL acts as its partner in the back. Similarly, this tissue can be sprained, stretched, or torn.
  • Collateral ligament injury – While the ACL and the PCL control the forward-backward motions of the knee, the collateral ligaments control the sideways motions. These ligaments can be injured due to a blow to the side of the knee.
  • Tendon tears – Tendons are cord-like structures that attach muscles to bones. A tendon tear in the knee can be painful and even disabling, and may require surgery and therapy.

Frequently, these knee injuries occur due to overexertion, improper lifting, sports accidents, and falling. However, they can also result from incidents involving a negligent party, such as motor vehicle collisions. In such a case, you may be able to make a legal claim for your injury.

When You Can Claim Compensation For A Knee Injury

The expenses, the missed work, and the changes in your lifestyle are significant burdens that come with a knee injury. That is why if your injury was caused by someone else’s actions, you’ll want to claim your much-needed and deserved compensation. Here are some scenarios that may entitle you to a knee injury claim:

  • Car accidents
  • Slipping, tripping, and falling accidents due to unsafe conditions in someone’s property
  • Occupational injury resulting from harmful workplace conditions (example: a construction site lacking safety measures)
  • Sports accidents due to unsafe conditions in the venue (example: slippery floor in a basketball court)
  • Violence.

Note that you may have the right to claim not just for your economic losses but also for non-economic ones as well. Common losses for which you may be compensated include medical bills, therapy and rehabilitation expenses, lost earnings, lost capacity to earn, and pain and suffering. To know and fight for the true value of your case, consult with a lawyer who is proficient in injuries like yours.

Experienced Knee Injury Lawyer in Pennsylvania

The Brod Injury Law Firm is known in Philadelphia and the rest of Pennsylvania as an effective and compassionate legal team dedicated to helping the injured. Over our 30+ years in service, numerous clients have personally thanked us for helping them get back on track after their accidents.

Don’t hesitate to talk to us for free about your knee injury and your legal options.

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